Net Promoter Score

As an organization, “Customer Centricity” is held as one of five Core Values at Ricoh, and the recent 74 NPS score is reflective of company-wide efforts to live that ideal.  Ricoh is dedicated to providing the best possible service to customers, and to ensuring that this “customer first” mentality permeates all aspects of the business, both internally and externally.

Ricoh Canada: Net Promoter Score of 74 Percent

Recently, Ricoh Canada achieved NPS score of 74 for the 2nd quarter of its fiscal year 2020. This score aligns Ricoh with leaders in many other industries that utilize the NPS as a metric for measuring customer centricity.

The Net Promoter Score is based on customers’ direct feedback and measures their likelihood to recommend a business’s products or services in their respective marketplace. Scores can range from -100% to +100% with scores of 50 and higher considered a “best-in-class” performance level.  By way of comparative examples, NPS excellence can be seen across many industries through leading customer-oriented organizations such as Apple at 57%, JetBlue at 54%, at 51%, and Marriott at 49%*.

“Given our focus on delivering expertise on the new world of work, and our leadership in terms of workstyle innovation, it’s only natural that we expend significant effort toward understanding the customer’s expectations – and then even more so to meet and exceed those expectations. The NPS is a great tool in helping us see if we’re getting it right”

Eric Fletcher

Vice President of Marketing

Ricoh Canada

Of course, there is always room for improvement.  This outstanding NPS score represents a snapshot in time, and by continuing to monitor progress – through staying in constant contact with the customer base and repeatedly testing the NPS metric, Ricoh is able to identify areas of strength and weakness and take quick action where required.

To all of the customers across Canada who took the time to be part of the ongoing satisfaction survey, a big Thank You from Team Ricoh!

*Net Promoter Score Benchmark Study - Qualtrics XM Institute 2018