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Conservation Programs and Certifications

Earth’s resources are limited. Let's make the most of them.

Ricoh designs its products and software with the environment in mind and meets product compliance requirements.

Set the bar high with ENERGY STAR® and other energy-saving technology

Many of our products have earned the coveted ENERGY STAR label, which means they meet the energy efficiency requirements set by the Environmental Protection Agency. See which ones received the honor, and review stats related to energy consumption, print/copy time, and more.

Ricoh Canada, Inc. is proud to announce that it has received the ENERGY STAR® Canada Manufacturer of the Year Award for Electronics for the second consecutive year. The award recognizes its excellence in the arena of advancing market transformation on energy efficiency in Canada. This latest recognition acknowledges Ricoh's hard work to promote environmental sustainability, through both manufacturing energy-efficient products and advocating sustainable practices in and outside the organization.

Eco‐Responsible Procurement - Ecologo

Ricoh is an active participant in numerous industry organizations and associations that help in establishing standards that are beneficial for the imaging equipment industry and our customers.

Founded in 1988 by the Government of Canada and now recognized world‐wide, EcoLogo is North America’s largest, most respected environmental standard and certification mark. EcoLogo provides customers – public, corporate and consumer – with assurance that the products and services bearing the logo meet stringent standards of environmental leadership. EcoLogo has today certified thousands of products to help consumers and businesses identify the world’s most sustainable products.

The EcoLogo program is a "Type I" eco‐label, as defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This means that the program compares products and services with others in the same category, develops rigorous and scientifically relevant criteria that reflect the entire lifecycle of the product, and awards the EcoLogo to those that are verified by an independent third party as complying with the criteria.

This Program is one of two such programs in North America that has been successfully audited by the Global EcoLabelling Network (GEN) as meeting ISO 14024 standards for eco labelling. Through Ricoh Canada’s certifications with Ecologo, we are further enhancing our complete portfolio of products and services to reduce environmental impact and cost, while improving productivity for our customers and creating shared value for our society.

Support Sustainable Environmental Management

ISO 14001 is an international standard that guides the development of environmental management systems. We at Ricoh are proud of the fact that all of our manufacturing facilities worldwide are ISO 14001-certified and support sustainable environmental management. We comply with strict environmental standards and regulations, and we encourage other businesses to do the same.

You can feel confident that when you purchase equipment from Ricoh, it is made using manufacturing processes that minimize environmental impacts. We’re honoured to be paving the way for our customers, who become stakeholders in sustainability when they choose us.