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Workplace Productivity 

Discover how your workspaces are being used — and how to make the most them 

Transform your workplace

In this new world of work, you have to manage increasing numbers of mobile and remote workers, and provide space for collaboration and on-site meetings. With our Workplace Productivity solutions, we can help ensure your workers have the right tools and space to get the job done right.

Create a culture of innovation

Harness the flow of information throughout your organization to drive your business success.





Facilities & Workspace Management

Make sure that you're using your square footage to the best of its potential. With the right tools and insights, you can better understand how you use your facility, make your workspaces more accessible and productive, and better manage your costs.
Office employees in meeting room.
Group of professionals collaborating.

Communication & Collaboration

With Ricoh's Communication & Collaboration solution, you and your organization will benefit from true interactive team collaboration. Seeing and hear the ideas and input from your team — even when they’re miles away. Our portable technology lets you quickly create meetings with groups or individuals at various locations with a simple internet connection.

Connect & Collaborate

Connect and collaborate with Ricoh's business technology solutions that help your organization deliver a high-tech business experience. Our paperless approach to presentations, interactive technology and space utilization help you lower costs and streamline your business practices.
Group of professionals collaborating.

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  • Campus Mail and Packages

    Get bar-code parcel management, notifications, high-density mail, intelligent lockers, university kiosk and retail solutions.                                                    

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