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Document Capture & Conversion

Get a full-service solution to manage your information

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More than 70% of today’s businesses that would fail within three weeks if they suffered a catastrophic loss of paper-based records due to fire or flood.*


Paper documents are slow, complex and expensive putting your information and your business at risk. Speed things up while saving time and money with Ricoh’s Document Capture & Conversion processes. We will design the right document solution for you and your needs. Whether on-premises or cloud-based, we will help you digitize your paper documents making them accessible, easily transportable and more secure.


Streamline your business


Move your information more quickly with digital workflows.

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Printing, scanning, copying and faxing costs organizations time and resources. With Document Capture & Conversion you have the ability to move information faster and more efficiently in an electronic workflow. When you move paper documents to digital formats you’ll achieve better workflows, more reliable records, and more importantly, cost and productivity benefits.

We meticulously categorize and organize your documents. Searching for them is now quick and intuitive — no more time sifting through stacks of paper or filing cabinets. We can improve the processes, workflows and systems you already have in place, or we can build something tailored for you and your team.

Access and organize your information anytime, anywhere


Get accessibility with cloud storage solutions.

You go where your business takes you — and because you and your team are mobile, you need the right tools and information to successfully conduct business on the fly. Turn to our cloud storage solutions to enable you and your team to access your documents anytime, anywhere.

Use mobile devices to digitally capture your hard copy documents, letting you save, share and access them again when you need to. As experts on Information Mobility, we make it easy to work from wherever you find yourself — because being without an office doesn’t have to mean being without your information.
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Become more efficient and environmentally friendly


See how a digital workflow can support environmental sustainability and improve productivity.

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We know that your organization is committed to creating a sustainable community and have been environmentally-conscious long before it was the thing to do.

Which is why we work with ENERGY STAR® to make going green easy to achieve for organizations like yours. We create solutions, like electronic workflows, that reduce your impact on the environment while improving productivity.

By working with us to implement digital processes, you can:

  • Improve efficiency in your workflows.
  • Lower your paper consumption.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Scale back your overall energy use.

See more on our solutions

  • Interested in going green?

    See why the EPA recognized us as a 2016 Energy Star Partner of the Year for our outstanding contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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  • Enterprise Content Management

    Put your information together in a way that you and your team can easily find and use.                                                   

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  • Information Digitization

    Reduce the space, expenses and hassle of storing and maintaining hardcopy documents.                                                    

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*Source: Facts About Paper: The Impact of Consumption. (2013). Retrieved January 14, 2014, from http://www.thepaperlessproject.com/facts-about-paper-the-impact-of-consumption/.