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RICOH Intelligent Delivery Services

Capture, route and accelerate your inbound mail for increased information mobility.

Customer communications and mail services

34% of mail deliveries to destinations with multiple buildings are returned*

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Get more secure mail delivery 


Replace physical envelope delivery with a compliance-friendly solution. 

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Your mail can pose threats to security and compliance within your organization, and create challenges when your employees want to search for information, retrieve files and create accurate audit trails.

Intelligent Delivery creates a digital record of each incoming mail piece, tracking the progress, history and delivery method of all incoming communication. This approach helps to create accountability and compliance by ensuring that:

  • Mail is delivered to an individual’s secure employee email inbox, which is usually more up-to-date than a physical address. Mail isn’t delivered and left sitting out in the open on someone’s desk while they’re working remotely.
  • Mail that requires immediate action can be addressed almost immediately from any location.
  • Mail audit trails strengthen the business accountability of your critical communications.

Get your mail — no matter where you are 


Receive mail and make informed business decisions from anywhere, anytime.


Your employees still need their mail, even when they're on the road, working from remote locations, or just stepping away from the office. With Intelligent Delivery, they can still get their messages by logging into their digital mailbox from their computer, tablet or smartphone. They can sign in anytime, from any location, to see exactly what's in their mailbox and take action on each item, including:

  • Forward it
  • Scan it
  • Deliver it
  • Delete it
  • Pick up the physical form
  • Mark it as junk mail

With Intelligent Delivery, your employees will have the power to collaborate and make informed decisions from wherever they're working.

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Go from mailroom to digital information hub


 Leverage analytics to speed up the processing of information. 

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With hardcopy mail, it can be hard to know who's seen what, or what has been acted upon. With Intelligent Delivery, you don't need to wonder. Our accountable, all-in-one tracing system provides metrics that tell you:

  • Who has looked at their mail and who has not.
  • Who receives mail and what was done with it.
  • The composition of all mail delivered to your company.

You'll get a deeper understanding about what information is flowing into your organization — and what's being done with it.

Your mail just got a lot smarter.


See what Intelligent Delivery can do for your business

  • Get electronic data capture of all your inbound communications
  • Leverage analytics to speed up the processing of information
  • Increase information mobility and collaboration among your employees - no matter where they are
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For over 80 years, we have been helping our customers with their workplace needs. 

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*Statistics provided by Image Architects, Inc.