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Ricoh Accounts Payable for Small Business

Invoice processing efficiency — eliminate error-prone, costly manual steps

About RICOH Accounts Payable for Small Business

Eliminate time-consuming manual steps and error-prone data entry with Ricoh Accounts Payable for Small Business. Automatically capture and extract invoice data, then verify the information and integrate it with your accounting system. With just the right features you need to simplify invoice processing—without all the costly extras you don’t need—this subscription cloud service is ideal for smaller businesses of 10-99 employees.


  • Increases efficiency, reduces costs and streamlines invoice processing by eliminating manual steps.
  • Automatically capture and extract data, then validate and integrate with QuickBooks™ and Sage®
  • Ingest with local or network folder, cloud service (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive) or Ricoh MFP with ICE app.
  • "Digital Stickie" summarizes values by GL codes and can be moved, enlarged, zoomed in or turned off.
  • Offers all the advantages of cloud computing at a low cost—with no IT support required

Simple, powerful AP automation

Now, even small businesses have the power to streamline invoice processing and eliminate error-prone, costly manual steps. With Ricoh Accounts Payable for Small Business Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), you have the tools to automatically capture and extract invoice data— and directly integrate the information into your QuickBooks™ or Sage® 100 accounting system. Simply ingest an invoice by attaching a file, PDF or JPEG uploaded from a local folder or a cloud service like Dropbox, Box® or Google Drive™ to the accounts payable queue. Or, you can scan hardcopy invoices directly from a Ricoh MFP with a RICOH Smart Integration Workflows app or scan from other MFPs to a folder then attach the scanned file to the invoice queue.

There’s no need to invest in costly professional services to build custom templates. With auto-learning capability, this SaaS solution learns your invoice layout over time and improves data capture with every invoice scanned. Vendor names and general ledger (GL) codes seamlessly synchronize with your accounting system, giving you access to all the information you need to quickly and easily process invoices. Since it’s a cloud-based solution, Ricoh Accounts Payable for Small Business is secured and current—with updates, patches and backup handled by Ricoh to help ensure high availability and support disaster recovery.

Digital summary at-a-glance

Ricoh Accounts Payable for Small Business includes a unique ‘Digital Stickie’ feature to summarize and categorize line items in the invoice and show the value by GL code. While working on an invoice, you can overlay line items on the invoice to see everything all at once and then resize the digital stickie, move it around, zoom in or easily turn it off.

Minimal keystrokes, fewer mistakes

Subscribe to Ricoh Accounts Payable for Small Business to streamline your invoice processing and workflow by reducing or eliminating manual, error-prone steps.

Once an invoice is uploaded, users can easily view and verify files. Typical data is automatically extracted—invoice number, date and purchase order number—and captured as metadata. Then, you can:

  • Select and capture other desired entries
  • Verify whether the invoice total and sum of line item matches
  • Select the GL code from the pull-down menu
  • Use Digital Stickie to summarize and categorize line items

After an invoice is verified, it is automatically uploaded to your accounting system where you can retrieve the file and conduct a digital side-by-side comparison with the original invoice. The invoice image can also be uploaded to a supported cloud storage service (Box, Dropbox or Google Drive).

Affordable subscription service tailored to small business

Unlike a one-size-fits-all approach, Ricoh Accounts Payable for Small Business is structured to meet the varying needs of small businesses. Subscription costs are determined based on the number of invoices you process per month: Either up to 500 invoices per month or unlimited invoices. You can designate any number of employees to use the service. And the features and functionality are specifically tailored to provide just what you need to streamline invoice processing—with no bells and whistles that go unused.

Range of solutions to streamline your AP/AR workflow

Ricoh Accounts Payable for Small Business is one of our many tools to help you automate, speed up, and better manage your accounts payable and accounts receivable processes. Explore our Ricoh Accounting Process Solutions and our offering specifically tailored for higher education—Business Workflow Solution for AP/AR.

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