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Automated Data Capture

Turn unstructured data into usable information

About Automated Data Capture

Manual data capture, extraction and processing takes up time that could be spent on other tasks — and the amount of work involved means it’s easy to fall behind. With Automated Data Capture — part of Ricoh’s Cloud Workflow Solutions — you can take advantage of a streamlined cloud subscription software that helps you achieve true productivity in your data capture processes.


  • Minimize keystrokes and reduce possible data entry errors with automation.
  • Integrate directly with supported cloud databases or export to .xml or .csv formats.
  • Turn unstructured data into usable information with intelligent data extraction.

Reduce manual processes and data errors

Instead of spending time keying in disparate information and running the risk of potential errors, Automated Data Capture can reduce manual processes by recognizing different types of documents. This enables the software to acquire the relevant information to submit properly structured data to supported cloud databases.

Turn unstructured data into useable information

What if your data is unstructured? No problem. Automated Data Capture can also perform extraction of usable data from general data sets. With the ability to automatically turn unstructured data into usable information, you can capture the information you need without the burden of manual data entry.

Streamline data processing to your supported cloud database option

Scan a document at the MFP or start with an electronic document. Once data is recognized and extracted, it is automatically classified and delivered to the appropriate supported cloud database or export file. Formats and database options include .csv, XML, Ricoh Dynamic Cloud Database and Kintone™. Data is secured during scanning, processing and delivery to its destination.

Enjoy an easy on-boarding process

Automated Data Capture brings intelligence to your data process via software-as-a-service. Because the software is secured and rigorously maintained for you, there’s no capital expenditure or complex IT issues to work through. Automatic version updates help ensure that you always have the latest tools and features — helping you realize true productivity without additional IT demands.

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