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Kofax Output Manager

Intelligent print management and document control

Improve print productivity, security and compliance

Kofax Output Manager brings organizations robust document control, data protection and print management. Its formidable security features help organizations improve document security, minimize inefficiencies and mitigate compliance risks. If your business is looking for stringent data and print document security, Output Manager's capabilities can help:

  • Track print usage data
  • Control device access while enabling guest printing and keeping the printer fleet running smoothly
  • Protect printed documents and prevent the unauthorized flow of sensitive information


  • Reduce the risk of failed compliance audits
  • Mitigate and minimize security risks
  • Reduce print management inefficiencies and costs
  • Reduce the time spent configuring a print environment

Document security for the masses

When you initiate a print job using Secure Document Release, Kofax Output Manager safely holds your print jobs in a queue, which can be encrypted for added security:

  • Secure Document Release holds print jobs in the queue until users are present at the device
  • Offers flexible and safe printing for mobile users and guests, who can email print jobs directly to a printer
  • Prints can be retrieved using a release code at the device

Protection of confidential information

Kofax Output Manager provides robust security for printed documents and data with productivity-enhancing workflows. Output Manager can:

  • Remove documents from the normal workflow if they contain confidential information
  • Prevent items from being printed, or identify/remove sensitive information prior to printing
  • Establish chain of custody documenting who has accessed or printed information
  • Retain electronic copies of printed documents to meet compliance requirements
  • Enable mobile authentication using the Kofax Micro Card Reader
  • Change user behavior by adding a watermark or information showing document ownership
  • Make use of intelligent redaction and appropriate re-routing to increase workforce capacity

Cost control that doesn't hamper productivity

Are you looking for the ability to track print usage data, control device access, enable guest printing and keep the printer fleet running smoothly? Output Manager's capabilities can help, while still offering user convenience:

  • All copy and print activity is recorded
  • Rules-based printing redirects print jobs to lower-cost devices, forces duplex or restricts color usage
  • Gives you the ability to set device limits by user, application, color usage and many other attributes
  • Pre-formatted reports give print volume and cost by user, department, application or device
  • Kofax Micro card reader provides card authentication in a very small footprint
  • The Business Connect mobile app can submit and release print jobs from mobile devices — as well as enable mobile capture

Scalable and expandable through ControlSuite

Organizations can begin with a simple solution that delivers reliable results (Output Manager Foundations) and then choose to scale to address more complex tasks and workflows (Output Manager Enterprise). Kofax Output Manager v5 installs with the ControlSuite Foundations and Enterprise, which lets you easily combine complementary capabilities — such as Kofax AutoStore (Document Capture) and/or Kofax Equitrac (Print Management Services) — with the Output Manager solution. When operating together through ControlSuite, users can additionally:

  • Initiate capture workflows from print streams
  • Capture with OCR (Scan to Email, Folder, SharePoint®, Home and Network folder)
  • Provide a simplified installation and configuration experience for IT
  • Utilize RightFax™ support

Spend less time managing devices

Free up time spent on installation and support and give IT the ability to focus on other value-adding tasks:

  • Control software access for users, devices and configuration through a consistent licensing interface and administrative experience
  • Speed configuration time with a web-based administration interface, installation wizard and template-driven configuration tools
  • Save time managing your print fleet with batch configuration
  • Cut down on IT support or help desk intervention with one Universal Postscript Print Driver (UPPD)
  • Provide maximum flexibility and protection from down time with scalable High Availability functionality, which allows Output Manager's main services to function in a distributed environment

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