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Kofax Equitrac

Centralized print management, security and cost control

Reduce print costs, lower security risks and maximize printer efficiency

Kofax Equitrac gives your organization the ability to minimize network security risks along with the versatility to maximize print cost savings while improving efficiency. It works across a wide range of Ricoh multifunction printer (MFP) models, as well as with other brands, business systems and mobile devices. This scalable solution gives your business the capabilities to regain control over your print environment:

  • Combat waste by minimizing unwanted or forgotten prints with Follow-You printing
  • Offer Secure Document Release to protect sensitive documents
  • Enable users to safely pick up confidential prints from whichever printer is convenient to them
  • Collect accurate data for recuperating print costs


  • Mitigate and minimize risks for better cost control and security
  • Provide a consistent user experience across MFP devices
  • Centrally manage mixed MFP fleets for a reduced burden on IT and corporate budgets

Control access, enforce policies and strengthen security

Enforcing print and capture policies starts with Kofax Equitrac's authentication features. Devices are secured with user-based authentication and access controls — whether via an MFP's Smart Operation Panel, card reader or mobile device. Bluetooth and NFC authentication methods give you added versatility. Authentication empowers Kofax Equitrac to establish chain of custody for all jobs — documenting who has submitted or printed information. Kofax Equitrac's superior security features can help you close the printer security gap:

  • Increase accountability and meet compliance mandates
  • Add a watermark, time stamps or document ownership information on every printed document
  • Safeguard information through redaction, monitoring and document quarantine & release

Print and pick up documents confidentially from any printer

With Kofax Equitrac's Follow-You Printing features, users can print and retrieve documents on-demand at any enabled device. iQueue — a single, intelligent print queue — handles print job submissions for every user and printer. Mobile workers can send jobs from their mobile devices to iQueue with the Business Connect mobile app for even more flexibility. Giving workers the ability to pick up their job at any printer has multiple benefits:

  • Increase user satisfaction by enabling pick up at the time and location that is convenient for them
  • Reduce waste caused by unwanted or premature print output
  • Minimize potential security risks associated with forgotten or abandoned documents

Increase accountability with comprehensive tracking and reporting

Kofax Equitrac offers you visibility into your organization's print and data capture behavior and costs:

  • Track all print, capture and routing activities in configurable reports
  • Keep tabs on output costs at the user, department, billing code and device level
  • Accurately allocate consumables or identify opportunities for improvement
  • Change user behavior by using print rules to automatically redirect print jobs to lower cost-per-page devices and to minimize wasted output
  • Enable chargeback to help keep costs under control

Scalable and expandable through ControlSuite

Organizations can begin with a simple solution that delivers reliable results (Equitrac Foundations) and then choose to scale to address more complex tasks and workflows (Equitrac Enterprise). Equitrac installs with the ControlSuite Foundations and Enterprise, which lets you easily combine complementary capabilities — such as Kofax AutoStore (Information Capture Services) and/or Kofax Output Manager — with the Equitrac print management solution. When operating together through ControlSuite, users can additionally:

  • Capture information from all kinds of sources
  • Transform static documents into actionable digital information
  • Feed business systems with the right data
  • Transform documents by applying user stamps and watermarks
  • Convert print streams into PDF
  • Provide a simplified installation and configuration experience for IT

Reduce the IT administration burden

Gaining control over your print environment shouldn't create a mountain of extra work for your IT team. Kofax Equitrac makes IT administration easy:

  • Reduce configuration time with a web-based administration interface, installation wizard and template-driven configuration tools
  • Easily scale from small businesses to large enterprises with multiple offices
  • Support your unique business network security requirements with both on-premises and private cloud deployments available

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