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Case Study: A2Z Printing

Revamping a print fleet to capitalize on opportunities and capture more business

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A2Z Printing had plenty of projects and deadlines, but their slow and unreliable printers couldn't keep up. Downtime was inching above 40 percent and deadlines were being missed. They tried rerouting to other devices, but eventually ran out of available printers. Serving many organizations that needed the right information, right when they needed it—politicians, new media, realtors and more—A2Z Printing was at a crossroads. On a steady growth incline, they needed to print faster, add new print capabilities and get responsive service when devices needed attention to increase uptime and grow revenue.

"Our customers want faster and faster turnarounds. With Ricoh production printers, we can complete jobs with fewer delays and less downtime, which helps us be more profitable."

Allen Taheri
A2Z Printing, Jackson, Mississippi






A2Z Printing had a growing customer base that required fast print turnarounds. The team was willing and ready—but the legacy printer couldn't keep up with demand. It was time for new production printers and a partner committed to keeping them running.


Initially, A2Z Printing was skeptical when we proposed an offsite demonstration of our RICOH Pro C901 digital printing system. But the system performed even better than expected. When it got to A2Z's production floor, they were even more impressed. The Pro C901 printer:

  • Runs just about every type of job with ease
  • Increases print capability
  • Outputs more than 600,000 pages per month
  • Runs continuously with minimal downtime
  • Produces up to 90 pages per minute and holds 11,000 sheets

A2Z Printing struck gold again when they saw a new RICOH Pro C7110 five-colour production printer in action at a trade show. They purchased the printer on the spot, becoming one of the first print providers equipped with this device's newest capabilities. It allows them to:

  • Use its fifth colour station to compete for jobs that involve clear or white toner on transparent or colored media
  • Reach audiences with a wider range of posters, banners, clings, magnets and other materials

They also purchased a RICOH Pro 8110EX production printer to produce up to one million black-and-white pages per month, primarily for large volumes of a local weekly news magazine.


About A2Z Printing

In 2005, A2Z Printing in Jackson, Mississippi, began on little more than a whim while the founding partner and a friend were in college. With no printing experience and just a single 45 page-per-minute copier, they landed their first client. Today, A2Z Printing has grown to be one of Mississippi's premier print providers and a one-stop-shop for producing printed materials on-the-fly.



Downtime has been substantially reduced by almost 500% since A2Z Printing added its first Ricoh digital press. Revenue doubled in the first year—increasing ever since—and fewer technician visits has saved them more than $20,000 a year. Perhaps best of all, A2Z Printing is able to do what it does best—deliver on time, every time.

A2Z Printing is more than just a satisfied Ricoh customer. They have become an evangelist for our company and technology in the production print industry.

"I tell everybody what I like about them, what they can do and how Ricoh helps us accomplish what we set out to do," said Allen Taheri, partner at A2Z Printing.