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eDiscovery Commonwealth Legal

Experts in Electronic Discovery

Commonwealth Legal, a division of Ricoh Canada, is the Canadian leader in delivering innovative ediscovery solutions that bring together leading technologies with expertise to provide secure and timely access to relevant information. We are a recognized industry leader with a strong reputation for customer service, ISO 9001:2008 quality-certified deliverables and knowledgeable professional services.

Is your organization challenged to:

  • Review large collections of documents
  • Handle the complexity of electronic data
  • Meet strict security standards
  • Address privacy and confidentiality concerns
  • Manage tight deadlines
  • Unlock the intelligence within your data collection

In the complex world of litigation, our goal is to help you meet these challenges with technology-driven solutions that identify critical documents efficiently so that you can make strategic decisions effectively.


Legal Document Solutions

Maintain the integrity and organization of physical evidence with scanning and coding solutions designed to integrate imaged and electronic documents into a fully searchable database.

We recognize the importance of providing effective solutions for managing both paper and electronic documents. Our scanning and coding solutions are designed to maintain the integrity and organization of your physical paper-based evidence, while carefully integrating imaged data with electronic data into one consolidated, fully-searchable database.

Our production facilities across Canada, ISO 9001:2008 quality-certified processes, rapid turn-around time and proven methodologies that optimize the effectiveness of your database, make us unique in the industry. You can be confident we will handle your boxes with confidence and care.
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eDiscovery & Review

Manage electronic evidence using a comprehensive and strategic approach – from consultation and collections (including Remlox™), through to review and final production.
Electronically Stored Information (ESI) has changed the face of litigation with critical evidence now most often found in digital form.

Our professional services team of technology-certified experts, will work with you to meet the budget and timeline requirements of your case and help you manage your electronic evidence from initial consultation, through document extraction and final production stages.

Depending on the complexity of your case, we will also look for ways to help you reduce the cost and time associated with the production of large amounts of data by introducing Early Case Assessment and Technology-Driven Review solutions.

Professional Services

Leverage the knowledge and expertise of Canada’s largest team of certified litigation support professionals for technology deployment, workflow design and ongoing support.

The Professional Services team at Commonwealth Legal offers industry-leading expertise to help you benchmark your existing capabilities and skills, assess the effectiveness of your in-house resources, choose the technology that is appropriate for your case, and develop quality processes that are auditable, defensible and repeatable. Our team can operate as an on-demand extension of your team available for a quick consultation or question, or can be assigned to you as a dedicated resource to help you with the success of your case from beginning to end.
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Software & Cloud Solutions

Meet your organization’s unique requirements and budget with on-premise or cloud-based technology designed to align to your in-house resources and business processes.

Commonwealth Legal has the right technology solution for you, which can either be installed directly into your infrastructure or as a cloud-based solution under our Managed Services offering.

We will work with you to design and implement an integrated technology solution that will drive value, manage volumes, enhance case strategy and reduce review costs.


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