why choose ricoh

Why choose Ricoh

Digital Workplace Solutions for a new, smarter way to work.

Make your journey through digital transformation smooth

Wherever you are in your digital transformation journey, we can help you achieve information optimization, empower employees, delight customers and increase efficiency.


If you are primarily paper-driven, our print solutions help you create and manage your paper-based information.

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Convert from paper to digital. Store information in databases for easy access, used by processes and workflows, and analyzed to generate reports and valuable insights.

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Improve processes, leverage or scale resources to support business goals and optimize how information flows across your business.

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Easily access and analyze the data you need to make more informed business decisions, predict and resolve potential issues and uncover new opportunities.

Our approach is different from other providers

When you work with Ricoh, you'll notice a difference.

Proactive expertise – We bring new, innovative ideas and a wealth of experience to every engagement.

Customer-first approach – We focus on our customers' experience and success, always doing what's best for our customers as well as their customers.

Complete solution – We provide the right combination of services, expertise and technology to meet your business goals.

Proven track record – We have a long-standing heritage of optimizing and securing the flow of information, whether it's paper or digital.

Global scale – We provide the resources of a truly global company with the benefits of local expertise and support.

Grow your business

We help you remove the obstacles to sustained growth by:

  • Optimizing and automating antiquated processes.

  • Improving the flow and accuracy of information that your workforce and customers need.

  • Providing skilled support resources so you can scale and support growing demand.

grow your bisiness

Improve the customer experience

We can help you better serve your customers by:

  • Streamlining and automating inefficient work processes. You can provide faster turnaround service to your customers, and improve the speed, accuracy and quality of the data delivered to them.

  • Eliminating the inefficiencies from customer-facing processes. Significantly improve your responsiveness to requests from your prospective customers, improve customer satisfaction and potentially increase repeat business.

improve customer relations

Improve employee productivity

We help you reduce operational costs and improve the efficiency of your employees and workflows by:

  • Optimizing business processes, such as content workflow and management, invoice processing, and others. Eliminate wasted time and money.

  • Improving the flow of information — no matter the form. Your employees will have the accurate information they need, when they need it, to be more productive.

  • Bringing our experience, staff and facilities together to take non-core business operations off your hands. We'll take over functions, such as mailroom, print centers and digitization facilities, saving you money. Take advantage of economies of scale and expertise, and focus on innovation and better serving your customers.

improve employee productivity

Ready to transform your business?

Talk to a Ricoh professional about your specific business needs and how we can help you overcome your unique challenges.