RICOH TotalFlow® Producer

Jump start your print automation

About RICOH TotalFlow® Producer

RICOH TotalFlow® Producer leverages a cloud-based approach to equip your organization with scalable and flexible print-on-demand production workflow tools, without requiring a significant investment in IT.


  • Automates the order entry and file preparation process of print jobs coming from multiple online sources
  • Seamlessly integrates with your software and hardware with its vendor-agnostic design
  • Improves security and dependability via a cloud-based environment, helping prevent disruptions and increase productivity

Automated 'touchless' performance

Streamline job onboarding, file preparation and processing while minimizing the need for operator intervention. Harness the ability to funnels jobs from multiple external online sources into a centralized cloud-based portal.

Revolutionize your workflow with cloud technology

This cloud-based workflow technology provides a user-friendly solution to seamlessly connect with end-to-end production workflows. A centralized dashboard enables access to print jobs anywhere there is an internet connection. Experience the ease of creating a client portal within minutes that allows your customers to easily upload, authorize, and track job status. To support faster turnaround times, files are automatically scanned for malware and preflighted, and updates can be completed quickly using the cloud-based PDF editing tool.

Optimize print operations without breaking the bank

Through our SaaS approach, you can experience RICOH TotalFlow® Producer without worrying about your budget. Reduce follow-up time with customer portals after job submission, simplifying communication. RICOH TotalFlow® Producer guarantees affordability and keeps you up to date with fewer upfront fees and continual access to the latest upgrades. Say goodbye to the need for extensive IT resources and complex infrastructure.

A simplified 3-step approach

RICOH TotalFlow® Producer works in three easy steps:

  • Customers send their job file to the print provider's portal
  • Producer automatically scans for malware, converts the job file to a PDF and then preflights it
  • The file is sent to a hot folder or a printer