• Network Services

      Expert Technical Assistance

      Ricoh Network Services delivers expert technical assistance and around-the-clock support with nationwide coverage for any size organization in any industry in a consistent, reliable and cost-effective manner. We offer a single source for all your IT needs, whether you are building a network from scratch, or looking to improve IT performance. Ultimately, Ricoh Network Services enables you to offload time-consuming tasks, ensure high network uptime and security, and take a more proactive approach to upgrades, maintenance, and issue resolution. Ricoh Network Services manages your network, so you can manage your business.

      • Ricoh Mobility Services support for BlackBerry® Enterprise Server deployment include a team of dedicated, well-specialized IT professionals in the business assessment, technical design and implementation of BlackBerry® solutions. Our team is fully certified on BlackBerry Enterprise Server deployments and equipped to evaluate your current infrastructure’s ability to support a Blackberry Enterprise Server or the complimentary version BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express.
      • Our software deployment engineers are your best option to support your organization’s BlackBerry® middleware solution. Ricoh Canada is a multi-national alliance and IT channel partner of Research In Motion® (RIM). We are the professional services team that can conserve your IT resource time and reduce your project work effort to deploy a BlackBerry enterprise solution that fits your budget. For more information, our services brochure is available as a download.
      • Proactive support services are an advanced offerings that allow us to detect and resolve potential issues before they compromise network security or productivity. Our specialists can complete a site analysis and make recommendations on how your organization can improve network performance and reduce your costs for IT support.
      • Responsive support for basic maintenance tasks. We can manage it all to improve efficiency and reduce the burden on your IT department. Contact us today to initiate a network assessment.
      • We operate a vendor direct Remote Monitoring Center and Security Operations Center in state-of-the-art facilities where we have centralized our technology and resources.
      • Solutions for all business operations and size - Ricoh is an ideal choice for outsourcing IT support for the small business on-demand needs; the mid-size organization requiring daily support; and the large national or international enterprise seeking a strategic IT services partner.
      • The Ricoh Network Services team work directly with industry leading IT services alliance members to deliver our world-class IT solutions in the delivery of reliable network support that meets all your needs. Experienced, tenured and fully certified technology professionals and select IT systems engineers are standing-by to assist your organization.

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