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    The honor, sponsored by Corporate Knights, also reflects business concerns

    TOKYO, Jan. 31, 2012Ricoh Company, Ltd., a worldwide leader in digital office equipment and advanced document management solutions and services, today announced that Ricoh has been listed on the “Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World” for the eighth consecutive year. Ricoh has made the Global 100 every year since the list’s inception in 2005.

    Billed as “the most extensive data-driven corporate sustainability assessment in existence,” the Global 100 is based on 11 specific key performance indicators for business and the environment. The Global 100 was announced Jan. 25 at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, at a dinner hosted by Corporate Knights Inc., the company behind the honor.

    The Global 100 includes companies from 22 countries encompassing all sectors of the economy, with collective annual sales in excess of $3.02 trillion, and 5,285,645 employees.

    Takashi Nakamura, Ricoh Deputy President, responsible for corporate social responsibility (CSR) at Ricoh Company, Ltd., said, “We’re grateful for our consistent inclusion in the Global 100. It affirms our commitment to our customers, our people and the environment. We deeply believe business and the environment are complementary – in fact, interdependent – and try to express that belief in our operations and the services we provide.”

    Toby Heaps, CEO of Corporate Knights, said, “In a year in which Wall Street was occupied and capitalism became a bad word, the Global 100 companies serve as ambassadors for a better, cleaner kind of capitalism which, it also turns out, is more profitable.” From its inception on Feb. 1, 2005, to Dec. 31, 2011, the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations has achieved a total return of 41.70 percent, outperforming its benchmark, (the MSCI All Country World Index at 29.30 percent) by more than 11 percent.

    Caring for business and the environment

    In 2005, Ricoh set aggressive goals for reducing its environmental impact. The company is progressing toward its long-term goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 87.5 percent by 2050 from the level of 2000. In addition:

    While Ricoh is cited as a sustainable corporation itself, it is also committed to helping other organizations improve their sustainability through the products and services it delivers, including its Managed Document Services (MDS) program.

    To learn more about Ricoh’s environmental commitment, please visit http://ricoh.com/environment/.

    Global 100 Key Performance Indicators

    Energy Productivity (US$) Sales (US$) / Total direct and indirect energy consumption (gigajoules)

    Carbon Productivity (US$) Sales (US$) / Total CO2 and CO2 equivalents emissions (tons)

    Water Productivity (US$) Sales (US$) / Total water use (cubic meters)

    Waste Productivity (US$) Sales (US$) / Total amount of waste produced (tons)

    Leadership Diversity percentage of women Board Directors

    CEO-to-average worker pay

    Ratio of highest paid officer’s compensation to average employee compensation (3-year average)

    Percent Tax Paid percentage reported tax obligation paid in cash (3-year average)

    Safety Productivity Sales (US$) / lost-time incidents*$50k and fatalities*$1M

    Sustainability Remuneration

    Whether or not at least one senior officer has his/her pay linked to sustainability

    Innovation Capacity R&D/sales (3-year average)

    Employee Turnover Total Number of employees who leave the organization voluntarily or due to dismissal, retirement, or death in service as a percentage of the total employee numbers at the end of the reporting period

    About Ricoh Company, Ltd.

    Ricoh Company, Ltd. specializes in technology and services that transform high-volume, document-intensive business processes into more efficient ones. This is achieved through Ricoh’s expertise in Managed Document Services, Production Printing, Office Solutions and IT Services. By working with Ricoh, businesses can streamline the way they work, become more efficient and profitable, and share knowledge more effectively within their organizations. Ricoh’s worldwide operation covers more than 200 countries and areas in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, China and Japan.

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